GDC announces departure of Executive Director, Legal and Governance, Lisa-Marie Williams


  Posted by: Dental Design      26th January 2024

After eight years with the GDC, Lisa-Marie Williams – Executive Director, Legal and Governance – will be stepping down at the end of March, to join Buckinghamshire Council to lead their Legal and Democratic services teams. 

The role fulfilled by the Executive Director, Legal and Governance in a regulator is very important and brings professionalism and pragmatism in the face of often outdated legislation, working within the constraints but looking for opportunities to ensure patients are safe, and always acting in the interests of public protection and the public interest. Interim measures are being put in place until a successor is appointed.  

Gurvinder Soomal, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, said: “I would like to thank Lisa-Marie for her significant work in transforming the GDC’s Legal and Governance functions and for her contribution to the Executive team. We wish her well for the future.” 

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