AeronaDental rated 10/10 with a 5* customer service

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  Posted by: Dental Design      28th January 2024

Jane Lovatt, practice manager of Castle View Dental Spa, has been a very satisfied customer of AeronaDental practice management software since the opening of this squat practice 5 years ago. She says:

“We are very happy with the system and do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to change their software. 

“The charting is very similar to the original manual charting format and so is very easy to do. We love the fact that we can add our own treatment items as and when needed, plus, reports and audits are simple to produce. The patient journey is streamlined and user friendly as well, from start to finish.

“The most beneficial feature to us is the integration with GoCardless, which facilitates our in-house, monthly payment plan for patients. This feature has proven invaluable as well as being very cost effective. 

“In addition, the customer service from AeronaDental is literally second to none. A feature on the system allows you to raise and automatically log a query on the system. The reply is always very fast, meaning no downtime. On the occasions we have called, the phone has been answered quickly, and they are able to sort issues straight away. We have never had any problems whatsoever with the customer service! 

“They regularly hold lunchtime training sessions to offer top tips and ensure we are getting the most out of the system. Even when I have been unable to attend, Dean has always been happy to talk me through the content, going above and beyond.  

“I would definitely score AeronaDental 10/10. They provide a 5* service every time and I would recommend them to others without hesitation.”

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