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  Posted by: Dental Design      28th January 2024

“It’s a game changer!” says Zohaib Hassan of his experience with Kiroku, the AI digital note taking platform.

Based in Brigstock Dental Practice in Thornton Heath, Surrey, general dental practitioner Zohaib has been using Kiroku for over five months now and has become a huge fan. “I like the fact there is a template for absolutely everything, alongside the ability to adjust templates to your own style and personalise them,” he enthuses.

He believes that the profession currently overwrites notes because of the worry of litigation. “Having that constant worry of ‘do my notes cover me?’ is horrible,” Zohaib admits. “But Kiroku helps reduce this stress. Knowing that they have worked with indemnity companies to make sure their templates cover what is required of us in our notes gives you a peace of mind, too.

“With Kiroku you are able to use the information in the template or remove it if it is not appropriate. And because you’re filling out a template you are less likely to miss out vital bits of information. The other key benefit is that the software prompts the user to ask patients for details we may forget during examinations.”

For more information about how Kiroku can help you in your practice, get in touch with the team today.

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