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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th February 2024

For all patients, an effective and consistent oral hygiene routine is key for maintaining excellent oral health. No matter their oral health status, or whether they have undergone dental treatment, removing plaque and bacteria is key for preventing disease and minimising the risk of infection post dental treatment.

Curaprox offers a line of Perio plus mouth rinses which caters to every patient. The range includes Perio plus Balance, Perio plus Regenerate, and Perio plus Forte all of which contain chlorhexidine, sodium fluoride, CITROX®, and PVP-VA. Each active ingredient is included to improve and protect patients’ oral health.

Maintain harmony with Perio plus Balance

Perio plus Balance is designed for long-term use. Containing 0.05% chlorhexidine, Perio plus Balance reduces the risk of tooth decay, and is ideal for patients who have impaired motor skills as it can improve the results of cleaning.

Choose Perio plus Regenerate for gum health

Intended for occasional use, the revitalising Perio plus Regenerate mouth rinse promotes the healing of the gingiva. With a chlorhexidine concentration of 0.09%, and containing hyaluronic acid, it supports the regeneration of soft tissues following oral surgery, and is useful for treating dry mouth.

Perio plus Forte is your partner in intense healing

Perio plus Forte is the most intense mouth rinse of the range, intended for short-term use, and to promote intensive healing. The mouth rinse contains the highest level of chlorhexidine – 0.2%. This offers protection against harmful bacteria, by preventing the formation and accumulation of plaque. Perio plus Forte is best used before and after invasive dental procedures and to aid the healing of very irritated gums.


All Perio plus products contain CITROX®. The ingredient is naturally-derived from bitter oranges, and combined with polylysine amino acids to enhance its efficacy and prolong its working time.

Working particularly effectively when combined with chlorhexidine, it provides protection against bacteria, quickly eradicates biofilm and slows down its regrowth, and provides a pleasant taste to encourage compliance.[i]

The ultimate range

With Perio plus mouth rinse solutions suitable for the needs of every patient, oral health maintenance is made simple. The range is alcohol-free to prevent irritation, and contains PVP-VA. This forms a protective film over the teeth, gingiva, and mucous membranes, and is combined with xylitol to prolong the results up to 12 hours. This is ideal for providing a strong defence against dental caries.

Meeting the needs of every patient

In addition to the Perio plus range of mouth rinses, Curaprox helps you to cater to the specific needs of every patient with the Perio plus Support toothpaste and Perio plus Focus Gel.

The Perio plus Support toothpaste is ideal for use alongside any mouth rinse. Formulated with 0.09% chlorhexidine and CITROX®, the toothpaste helps to eliminate bacteria and offer long-term protection against infection. Plus, xylitol and sodium fluoride help to protect the teeth against decay and caries, with hyaluronic acid and PVP-VA working to regenerate and protect the gingiva.

Recommend Perio plus Focus to patients who are in need of intense, targeted care. The gel is ideal for patients who have undergone oral surgery, as it can be applied easily to prevent the build-up of plaque and minimise the risk of infection. It is formulated using hyaluronic acid, which soothes the gingiva and aids soft tissue regeneration.

Choose Curaprox

By recommending the Perio plus range of solutions to your patients, you offer them a high standard of oral hygiene care, which is designed to support them in healing and preventing infection and disease.

You know your patients’ needs best. This is why Perio plus mouth rinses, toothpaste, and gel are designed to meet the specific requirements of your patients – whether they need a daily oral hygiene boost to reduce plaque, or are recovering from oral surgery or dental treatment, there’s a solution for them.

Please get in touch with the helpful team at Curaprox to find out more about the Perio plus range, and start recommending it to your patients.



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[i] Jeyakumar, Jenaniy, Anton Sculean, and Sigrun Eick. “Anti-biofilm Activity of Oral Health-care Products Containing Chlorhexidine Digluconate and Citrox.” Oral health & preventive dentistry 18.1 (2020): 981-990.

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