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  Posted by: Dental Design      18th February 2024

When providing regular oral health assessments, it’s important to make the distinction between normal tissue and mouth cancer. Sometimes, this can be challenging, particularly when it’s in the early stages.

Vigilant Biosciences® understands this challenge, and the importance of catching oral cancer early. The BeVigilant™ OraFusion™ is able to accurately identify oral cancer using biomarkers found in saliva, as well as assessing lifestyle factors.

Plus, the innovative system is able to produce a result in just 15 minutes, enabling clinicians to conduct a quick, non-invasive test each time they notice an unusual lesion.

For more information, please visit https://totaltmj.co.uk/products/bevigilant-orafusion/

Call: 01202 313702 or Email: Info@totaltmj.co.uk

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