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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th February 2024

London-based dental therapist Catherine Edney admits she used to be extremely cautious when it came to note-taking templates, until she discovered Kiroku, the AI digital note taking platform. “They were always a bit of a red flag for me,” she explains. “But then a friend showed me how she used Kiroku and I was blown away!”

Her caution had stemmed from her belief that note templates were not detailed nor robust enough. “I got it wrong!” she says. “Kiroku templates go beyond customisation; they are individualised to each patient.”

Catherine enjoys the support the platform gives her in her role: “The role of dental hygienists and therapists has changed a lot in recent years and Kiroku helps me by prompting the kind of conversations I should be having with patients.”

She finds the prompts really help with patient engagement too. “It promotes communication and collaboration with treatments,” she maintains.

Catherine says using Kiroku has made her more confident in her job. “My notes are read by various specialists in the practice – depending on the patient’s treatment – and knowing that I’m documenting well really makes a difference. People see that I’m doing a good job.”

While time-saving is a consideration for her, it’s Kiroku’s level of detail that really impresses Catherine. “With Kiroku I get complete, contemporaneous notes which are all done by the end of an appointment. For me it’s not about being quicker, it’s about being thorough.”

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