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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th March 2024

A cutting-edge tool for a cutting-edge practice, that’s how Tara describes the adoption of Kiroku at Space Dental, the cosmetic dentistry practice in Wakefield, where she works as lead hygiene therapist.

“We always look for innovative tools to enhance our patient care and Kiroku’s focus on quick and secure completion of clinical notes aligns with our commitment to streamlined and patient-centred care,” Tara explains.

The growth of the business has allowed the practice to have a standardised workflow that all dental hygienists follow to ensure all patients receive the same level of care.

“The platform’s user-friendly interface and efficiency in completing notes quickly have been standout features,” she says.  “The set-up process was relatively straightforward, and the platform seamlessly integrates with our existing technologies and software that we currently use.”

Tara and her colleagues have enjoyed the benefits of saving time, improved record-keeping accuracy, enhanced patient information security, and a more streamlined workflow.

“We certainly recommend Kiroku to other dental practices, especially those focused on periodontal treatment and cosmetic dentistry,” she enthuses. “Its features align with the demands of our practice, promoting the efficiency of our daily workflow.”

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