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  Posted by: Dental Design      3rd April 2024

Support each of your patients with their daily oral hygiene routines by suggesting they use the interdental cleaner that is up to 50% more effective than traditional dental floss:[i] the Waterpik® Cordless Advanced Water Flosser.

If you think a magnetic 4-hour rapid charging system is fast, consider the fact that the Waterpik® Cordless Advanced is clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in a 3-second application.[ii]

It can be a fresh addition to the morning or night routine, effectively stimulating gums to improve gingival health. By removing bacteria deep between teeth and below the gumline, patients can experience a whole new level of care that can’t be provided with a traditional toothbrush and floss.

To learn more about the exceptional benefits that the Waterpik® Cordless Advanced Water Flosser provides your patients, contact the team today.


For more information on Waterpik® Water Flosser products visit www.waterpik.co.uk. Waterpik® products are available from Amazon, Costco UK, Argos, Boots, Superdrug and Tesco online and in stores across the UK and Ireland.



[i] Rosema NAM et al. The effect of different interdental cleaning devices on gingival bleeding. J Int Acad Periodontol 2011; 13(1):2-10.

[ii] Gorur A, Lyle DM, Schaudinn C, Costerton JW. Compend Contin Ed Dent 2009; 30 (Suppl 1):1 – 6.

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