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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th April 2024

A brand-new dental foam offers an easy, pleasant-tasting way to keep aligners, retainers and mouth-guards fresher, for cleaner and brighter teeth.

Reports indicate that growing aesthetic sensibilities have led to an increase in demand for orthodontic treatment, with the global market for clear aligner therapy estimated to grow at around 30 percent by 2030.[i]The UK demand for straighter – and whiter – teeth may soon outstrip the US market,[ii] with patients increasingly preferring clear aligner orthodontic treatment over fixed appliances, where appropriate, due to their superior aesthetics during active treatment. [iii]

 Maintaining cleaner, healthier, whiter teeth during treatment

While aligners are considered more hygienic than fixed appliances by design, [iv] keeping them fresh can be a challenge. Even where patients do exercise the recommended care, aligners can impede the natural properties of saliva. Saliva has significant anti-microbial properties, and keeps the teeth cleaner throughout the day by flushing away debris, helping to avoid staining. Studies have found that without its flushing effect, bacteria and biofilm remains on the surfaces of aligners, risking demineralisation, [v] [vi] which will cause unsightly and damaging tooth erosion.

Studies have shown that some patients may feel embarrassed to remove aligners during meals, especially those fitted with composite pontics, and disregard the harmful effects of eating food, or drinking certain beverages while wearing their aligners. Food accumulates in aligners quickly leading to dental build-up, and sugary drinks do particular damage to tooth enamel. [vii] [viii] Many popular drinks contain dyes or tannins that will accumulate to leave unsightly stains on the teeth as well as the aligner.

Curaprox Aligner Foam, created by Swiss oral health brand, Curaden, is a highly effective new product to help patients manage their oral care while undergoing alignment. It helps to prevent the build-up of plaque, protecting, moisturising and restoring the enamel, all in a pleasant-tasting and convenient package. It combines a unique set of ingredients to enhance the natural benefits of saliva, keeping the mouth conditioned and fresh, strengthening teeth, and combatting harmful bacteria, while the aligner does its work.

The formula contains Curaprox’s enzymatic system, with amyloglucosidase and glucose oxidase, to stimulate the mouth’s natural saliva production, preventing plaque and breaking down sugars before they can demineralise and damage the enamel. The inclusion of hydroxyapatite additionally supports the healing of dentinal tubules, keeping teeth stronger and whiter.

Other powerful ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and levulinic acid, work together to condition, moisturise and protect the teeth from a number of bacteria, further reducing the risk of dental plaque building up, discolouring and damaging teeth.

Curaprox Aligner foam also harnesses the natural power of magnolol and Citrox® to fight the bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. Magnolol, found in the bark of the magnolia tree, is a bioactive compound with strong antibacterial effects against streptococcus mutans, which is heavily involved in biofilm formation and the development of dental caries.[ix] The addition of Citrox® – extracted from bitter oranges – with cyclodextrin and polylysine, combines antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to keep teeth fresh, clean and healthy.

Curaprox Aligner Foam cleans and protects teeth as part of an easy routine, while helping to maintain the aesthetic benefits of clear aligners. Conveniently pocket-sized, only a tiny amount of foam is required after brushing, to provide a cleansing and restorative film that fights plaque and naturally protects teeth.



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