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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th April 2024

Kiroku is delighted to announce their new partnership with the British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD). The pairing will offer BAPD members access to exclusive benefits of Kiroku – the AI-driven digital note taking platform.

 Dr Simon Thackeray, Practice Principal and BAPD Secretary, shares his excitement about the partnership, and discusses the importance of accurate and efficient note taking in private practice:

The BAPD recognises the benefits that Kiroku offers dentists. One example is the speeding up of note and letter writing significantly, using an AI-enabled online tool. Because it is accessed through a browser, it works with all practice management software and there are no downloads or integrations needed. It is fully customisable and you can work online at home if you need to.

Also, BAPD members get the following exclusive benefits:

  • 10% off Kiroku Essential for 12 months
  • 30% off Kiroku Pro for 12 months, which includes Kiroku’s new Docs product
  • BAPD-approved templates co-created with our clinical team

Accurate notes have always been a vital part of any clinical relationship with a patient. Unfortunately, our regulator often seems to rely on what’s written in the clinical notes being the absolute definition of what was done. With the level of litigation we now see, it has never been more important to record the events of a consultation accurately and completely. The main challenge in doing this is time and creating a bespoke description of the treatment and the visit a patient experienced.

We hope that, by using a workflow-based system that accurately records the processes we undertake, whilst also allowing the recording of the unique subtleties that take place on an individual tooth and patient basis, reliable records will support the clinical situation in the event of litigation or investigation. By not relying on a cut and paste template and, instead, having to positively and dynamically choose relevant entries for each patient from a comprehensive master document, clinicians can feel confident that the notes are an accurate representation in every case. The subsequent recording of those details that, due to their uniqueness and subtlety, can never be ‘templated’ will be far quicker.

We are creating some comprehensive templates that will help private practitioners to streamline their note taking by including the level of detail that is sought after in private dental practice. We are also open to feedback, as an organisation, regarding what type of templates our members might want us to create with the help of Kiroku. Our intention is to create templates that give our members a strong starting point, allowing them to tailor their own personalised templates.

In private practice, it is desirable to use all time effectively. While a clinician’s input is still required, as these notes are proof of interaction between the patient and clinician, Kiroku assists in making this process faster.

This time saved on creating clinical records, which can quite often otherwise be written for the protection of the dentist rather than the benefit of the patient, is time that can be better spent caring for patients. Streamlining part of the note writing process will also mean time spent on clinical records is more focussed. This frees up appointments to spend with patients, meaning better consent processes and therefore fewer complaints and misunderstandings.

Members of the BAPD can find their exclusive Kiroku promo code in the BAPD member portal.

To find out more about Kiroku, or to start your free trial, please visit

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