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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th May 2024

Analysing patients’ saliva for biomarkers related to oral cancer


How can clinicians ensure they are effectively monitoring every patient at every appointment? Because the signs of oral cancer can be difficult to recognise, particularly in its early stages, utilising additional pre-diagnostic tools can be very helpful.

The BeVigilant™ OraFusion™ System, available from Total TMJ, is ideal for performing a quick non-invasive test when you spot something unusual. If you notice a lesion, and would like to feel confident in your decision to refer them on, or monitor it in follow up appointments, the System analyses patients’ saliva for biomarkers related to oral cancer. Able to produce a result in 15 minutes or less, this is the ideal chairside partner for early oral cancer detection.

For more information, please contact the team.


For more details about the BeVigilant™ OraFusion™ System, visit the Total TMJ website www.totaltmj.co.uk/products/bevigilant-orafusion/, or email info@totaltmj.co.uk


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