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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th May 2024

Halitosis can have a sizeable impact on everyday life, affecting everything from an individual’s self-confidence to the way they are perceived by others. Provide patients with an effective remedy like the Fresh Breath Oral Rinse from The Breath Co., and give them care that lasts.

The pH-balanced formula uses sodium chlorite to activate the bacteria-fighting power of oxygen, which effectively tackles bad breath for 12 hours.

It does this without the presence of alcohol, meaning it doesn’t have the harsh afterburn associated with other alcohol-based mouthwashes.

A wide variety of patients can introduce this effective Oral Rinse into their daily routine. The formula is vegan friendly, halal and kosher, and it comes in 100% recyclable packaging, making it a green option.

To learn more about combating your patients’ halitosis with the natural power of oxygen, contact the team today.


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