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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th July 2024

Following dental implant treatment, it’s important that patients implement a stringent oral hygiene routine. Some patients may assume that, because their new tooth is artificial, it does not need the same amount of cleaning and care as a natural tooth. This is a common misconception, so it is important to ensure that patients understand how to properly take care of their dental implants to avoid infections, implant failure, and the need for further restorations.

Set patients up for success

Providing implant patients with the tools they need to maintain excellent oral hygiene following treatment is a great way to set them up for success and prioritise prevention.

Supplying patients with the Implant Kit from Curaprox is the perfect solution. It contains everything patients need to keep their implants clean. For post-surgery care, the Kit contains a Curaprox Surgical Toothbrush, Perio plus Support toothpaste, a Perio plus Regenerate 0.09% or Forte 0.2% chlorhexidine mouth rinse, Perio plus Focus Gel, and a range of CPS interdental brushes in different sizes. And, for ongoing care it includes a CS5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush, CS708 Implant & Ortho brush, and long-handle interdental brush holder.

Thorough brushing

The best way for patients to keep their dental implants clean and free from bacteria is to care for them in the same way as, if not better than, their natural teeth. Making sure that patients know how to properly execute the basics is key – so it’s worthwhile demonstrating how to effectively brush every area of the mouth to remove as much plaque as possible, using the Curaprox Surgical or CS5460 Ultra Soft toothbru

The Surgical toothbrush is designed for special care following operations and features 12,000 ultra fine filaments, each 0.06 mm in diameter. When patients have healed and are ready to level up their oral hygiene, the CS5460 Ultra Soft toothbrush is gentle and effective thanks to 5,460 densely packed filaments, enabling patients to polish their teeth to perfection.

Interdental cleaning

Preventing oral diseases around implants and the natural teeth will help patients keep more of their natural teeth for longer, preventing the need for further restorative treatment. Make sure that patients understand how to properly use their new CPS Interdental Brushes by offering a demonstration, or talking them through the process in the practice.

CPS Interdental Brushes from Curaprox can clean even the narrowest spaces and, thanks to the click system, any Curaprox interdental brush will fit into any holder type. Patients can easily click out and discard the old brush, click the new one into the holder, and keep cleaning the interdental spaces.

Perio plus for long-term protection

Some patients may also benefit from using a mouth rinse as part of their oral care routines. Particularly helpful post-surgery to keep bacteria to a minimum, Perio plus Forte mouth rinse contains 0.2% chlorhexidine for an antibacterial effect.

For long-term use, recommend the Perio plus Regenerate oral rinse, containing 0.09% chlorhexidine, it is an ideal adjunctive solution for patients who need an extra boost. Be sure to offer individuals specific advice for use depending on their unique situation.

For targeted care, implant patients can also benefit from Perio plus Focus Gel. It contains 0.5% chlorhexidine and features hyaluronic acid for a soothing antibacterial effect. It can be applied with pinpoint accuracy for care where it’s needed most, and it adheres well to teeth, gingiva, and oral mucosa, ensuring the Gel’s active ingredients can be delivered to the area effectively.

Patients can also use the Perio plus Support toothpaste in place of their usual toothpaste for comprehensive protection when they are experiencing gingival and implant related issues.

Perio plus products contain CITROX®, a natural extract of bitter oranges, combined with polylysine amino acids which enhances the range’s healing and protective effects. Use of CITROX® is ideal before and after oral surgery, protecting against periodontal diseases, and preventing candida infections.

Tailored oral hygiene advice

Ultimately, discussing a tailored oral hygiene routine with patients is the most effective way of preventing oral diseases and infections. Demonstrating what effective cleaning and plaque removal should look and feel like, as well as supplying information to take home can ensure that patients have a good understanding of how to care for their new dental implants.

Provide patients with all of the tools they need to maintain excellent oral health post-surgery and beyond with the Implant Care Kit from Curaprox.

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