Welcome to CPD4DCPs, the UK’s leading CPD provider for dental care professionals.

CPD4DCPs provides you with a range of CPD study modules specifically designed to enable you to complete all your verifiable CPD requirements, including all the core and recommended subjects, simply and conveniently online.

Written by leading experts, each module enables DCPs and Dental Practitioners to maintain their professional knowledge and expertise, whilst obtaining independently verifiable CPD in a simple, easy to use and cost effective manner that meets GDC requirements. For more information visit www.gdc-uk.org.

3 Easy Steps to Complete Your Annual Verifiable CPD Requirements

  1. Choose which Volume you wish to undertake.
  2. Very carefully read and consider the contents of the study module and answer the multiple choice questions.
  3. Once you have answered the questions, post them as per the instructions provided within the pack.

CPD4DCPs online is entirely flexible. You can purchase complete volumes consisting of 10 x 1 hour study modules (1 year’s CPD).

Each volume represents – 1 whole years CPD requirement and contains the individual study modules covering the core subjects:

  • 2 x 1hour modules covering Medical Emergencies
  • 1 x 1hour module covering Radiography and Radiation
  • 1 x 1hour module covering Disinfection and Decontamination

And recommended subjects:

  • 1 x 1hour module covering Legal & Ethical Issues
  • 1 x 1hour module covering Complaint Handling

Plus four additional 1-hour modules covering a wide range of oral health issues.

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