CPD Zone

The area were you can complete the verifiable CPD articles published in The Probe and download your personalised CPD certificate. There is no longer any need to take a copy of your answers, find an envelope, buy a stamp, put it in the post, enclosing another stamped addressed envelope and waiting for 3 weeks for your certificate to arrive. CPD Online enables you to do this instantly – Saving you time and money.

If this is your first time completing CPD on line you must first sign up.

One you have logged in, or signed up:

  • step-1
    Carefully read the CPD articles published in The Probe.
  • step-2
    Start a module, which will take you through to a set of multiple choice questions.
  • step-3
    When you have completed a module print off your certificate and keep it in a safe place.

Each article represents 1 hour of verifiable CPD.

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