Media Pack

The Probe has been published continually since 1959 and started life as the official magazine of the General Dental Practitioners Association, which gives it an extremely good pedigree and ensures that it is held in high regard by the profession in general.

As a result of our roots as a clinical association magazine, the editorial content of The Probe is of paramount importance and as such forms the backbone of the journal – it is the high quality, independent content of the magazine that ensures it is widely read by the profession and explains why The Probe consistently generates high levels of response for its advertisers.

Editorial content is included on its merit, not how much money you spend, and it is this commitment to high quality content that results in The Probe being trusted by the profession for information on product news, new launches, clinical developments and GDC news.

The circulation of The Probe is ABC audited, which means that each copy is guaranteed to reach a dentist. To ensure even better value for our advertisers we also provide an independently managed reader response service. This ensures that responses to your advertising reach you within 24 hours.

Being able to proivde tangilble results for your advertising is extremely important, particularly in the current climate, as marketing teams have to justify every penny spent and a show a return on investment.Quantifable sales leads, are an excellent way of doing this.

Some magazines handle this in-house, which can mean processing enquiries may not be a priority. Other choose not to invest in providing this service for their advertisers (Dental Tribune, PPD & Dentistry) for example.

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